The Richards Trauma Process (TRTP)

Do you have a diagnosis of Past Traumatic Stress (PTSD), Chronic Stress, Chronic Fatigue, Anxiety or depression?

The Richards Trauma Process (TRTP) takes you from a place of emotional and or physical pain to a place of freedom, peace and calm, quickly, effectively and without re traumatising you.

Most cases are resolved within three sessions.

Most anxiety, stress, phobias, depression or PTSD comes from the belief that you are not safe. It’s like a video tape loop playing over and over and keeping us in the state of flight, fight or freeze. For this loop to be broken 2 things have to happen. The first one is the body needs to know the event is over and two the event must be viewed from an empowered position. TRTP does this easily, gently and powerfully and you will not be retriggered.

Anxiety, stress, depression, PTSD or phobias are all symptoms of a past that is unresolved in you. This event, thought, feeling has not been taken to the long term memory and stored away. It keeps being relived as if the event, thought or feeling is happening now. You really do not have to put up with this anymore. You can stop living in all the pain and drama and create the life you want. Set your-self free and live the life you always dreamed of.

So if the event is over why do we keep living like it is not.

Your brain changed during the event or stressful time, so now you brain is ON…. thinking the event is still happening. This effects the part of the brain where problem solving occurs, focus, memory and creative thinking. The Prefrontal Cortex has changed. This area of the brain has to be calmed and the messaging taken to the part of the brain where long term memory is held. The charge or stress is then calmed and you return to a regulated way of being. Calming this part of the brain from a place of empowerment and safety brings the messaging back on line in the Prefrontal Cortex and reasoning occurs.

The physical symptoms of living constantly in stress and anxiety are reduced, the biochemistry is changed, helping you to feel calmer with the ability to make great choices for yourself.


TRTP gets down and figures shit out very effectively and quickly, just 3 sessions.

It is not talk therapy, where you retraumatise your-self every time you talk about the devastating event.

We now know how powerful our thoughts are and how they impact our words, feelings and behaviours.

So let’s get this done ….

you will be..


“I do not know what happened during my sessions with Dee, but my life is forever changed. The TRTP process is so kind and gentle. I feel like I am a completely new person, so much more aware and grounded. Thanks Dee”

The Process

Your investment is $370 Per Session

a total of $1110

(Afterpay or payment plans available)


Here’s what happens next:


1. Book the strategy planning session which is free: I can quickly workout if TRTP is suitable for you during this session as it is not for everyone. If TRTP suits you, we book the 3 sessions together, as they need to be 1 week apart. These sessions are done in the comfort of your own home via zoom


2. One week before your session I will send you a detailed document for you to complete. I require this to be returned to me at least 3 days before your session


3. Session 1, 2 and 3 take place. These are longer sessions allow 2 hours and some processing time afterwards. I will be checking in on signs of improvement during the 3 sessions.


4. The follow up session is a check in to ensure you are still in the same place as when you finished session 3. I will check for signs of improvement here as so happens with TRTP, life keeps getting better and better