We all want balance in our life. Balance of mind body and spirit is super important in our fast paced way of living.

Kinesiology combines the wisdom of both eastern and western traditions.

Kinesiology uses the principles of Chinese medicine to assess energy and body function. Through muscle testing we talk to the sub-conscious and find where the stress is being held in the mind body or spirit for whatever particular situation we are working on.

Once we know where your body needs help, a range of gentle yet powerful healing techniques is applied to improve health, wellbeing, life energy and vitality.

Why use Kinesiology?

Well why not?

There are no pills or tablets required, no 5 minute quick consults that do not show the whole person, how bloody good is that?

Kinesiology is perfect for:

*Learning where and what is stopping you achieving the life you want

*Enhancing learning in adults and children

*Improving sports performance

*Boosting health and wellbeing

*Testing whether certain foods enhance your vitality

*Clarity with making decisions

*Self-awareness and focus

We all have unconscious core beliefs that we formed when we were very young, until roughly 7 years of age. (they are mostly lies and you created them in order to keep you safe) Kinesiology finds the unconscious core beliefs that create self-sabotage and conflicts and it is this that stops you in your tracks.

The body is designed to heal itself. YOUR body is powerful! We have to remind it sometimes of how powerful it actually is

Kinesiology can help you tap back into the source of your energy and heal.

The result is a healthy inner relationship of mind, body and soul.

How does Kinesiology Work?

When everything is working well in our bodies, we feel well! Life runs smoothly. Our relationships are good. We are able to make clear concise decisions for ourselves. When issues arise, we can handle them in a calm clear way.

The goal of a Kinesiologist is to identify where and what the stress is in the body and what caused it. Using muscle testing, the ‘balance’ or ‘remedy’ is found. It may be nutritional, emotional, structural, electrical or even spiritual. By accessing the sub-conscious through muscle testing and using finger modes, Kinesiology gets specific and can very quickly come up with the right answers.

Kinesiology looks beyond the symptoms to access the body wisdom behind them. Then we get your body back on track to heal itself by unblocking your energy and fine tuning your natural healing ability.

The body has an innate healing ability.

In other words, your body knows what it needs. Sometimes stress and life situations turn this innate healing off and it becomes hard to access. That results in pain, disease, less vitality and a lack of energy. The great news is, even if you don’t know what’s happening, your body can tell us what to do next.

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Dee has been an incredible help to helping ease my anxiety. She is friendly, caring and welcoming… by the end of my first appointment with Dee I felt like I had known her for years! I would highly recommend Dee to everyone

Kinesiology and Muscle Testing

There is a flow of energy through the body, called chi or life force. This flow / chi is found in the meridians. The meridians relate not only to the muscles but to every part of the body.

Your muscles are linked to your organs which are often the stored points of stress. For example, your liver or kidneys may be showing low levels of function, your digestion might be sluggish. A Kinesiologist can assess your muscles and learn where the stress or imbalance lies in your body.

Once we create health in that part of your body, there may be further levels of imbalance. It’s like peeling away the layers of an onion, to find your true health and well-being.

Energy balancing through kinesiology brings a person closer to achieving any goal of their choice – in school, sport, relationships, learning or coping with life in general.

Kinesiology is the step to health before you have a named disease. While we work on creating health, we do not treat or diagnose named diseases.

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I have been seeing Dee regularly for the last few years. I have a few health issues and she has been helping with the stress of these issues. I feel so much clearer after a session with Dee. Dee helped me with the stress of lockdowns and my fear around getting Covid too.  She even offered walks in the park during lockdown as  a support to her clients. Dee’s easy and reassuring way helps me to feel like I have a lot to look forward to now. I recommend Dee to all my friends and family


Your investment is $150. Per session

Sessions are in Dees clinic in Strathmore or via zoom.

You get to choose!

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