Do you experience symptoms of Past Traumatic Stress (PTSD), Chronic Stress, Chronic Fatigue, Anxiety or depression?


TRTP works out your unhelpful unconscious core beliefs effectively and quickly, in just 3 sessions and changes them to the positive.

It is not all work, we have some fun too where we plan your future exactly how you see it. We take all the blocks away. so you are living a fulfilled purposeful life

TRTP is not talk therapy, where you retraumatise your-self every time you talk about the past events.

Your thoughts and feelings impact your words and your behaviours. They create your life. After completing TRTP and mentoring with Dee you will be on the path to attracting whatever it is you want in your life :the new job, partner,  travel experience, whatever… is YOU want, the list is infinite

So let’s get started, I’v got you, you deserve this….

After TRTP you will be..


“I do not know what happened during my sessions with Dee, but my life is forever changed. The TRTP process is so kind and gentle. I feel like I am a completely new person, so much more aware and grounded. Thanks Dee”


Your investment is $400. Per session

TRTP sessions are longer, approximately 2.25 hours, once a week for 3 consecutive weeks.

You can choose in person in Dee’s clinic in Strathmore or via zoom.

You get to choose!