Dee Phillips Kinesiology

Do you want to build self-resilience and develop a constant sense of well-being; in mind, body and soul? Let’s do it!

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Teenage Coaching

Addressing binge eating, overeating and anxiety to develop a healthy self-image.


Adult Health

Sick of diets? Let’s discover a better way to manage food for our busy lifestyle.



Our focus is to balance your child’s energy for learning and ongoing well-being.



Want to feel energized, healthy and balanced? Let’s increase your inner wellness.

Why do Kinesiology and Coaching work?

Kinesiology and Coaching are offered separately or in combination to address two levels of health. At the surface, you may have physical symptoms or eating patterns that you would like to change. Underneath lies a second level of health, which you might call the soul or body wisdom.

The blocks that really keep people from being well in mind and body are often linked to something unconscious. However, the body is designed to heal itself. I can help you tap back into the source of your energy and heal.

The result is a healthy inner relationship of mind, body and soul. Losing weight and improving digestive issues is possible. Instead of slogging it out at the gym and watching the scales, you’ll know how to go with the flow of your body. Improvements in self-image and well-being are common with the right treatments.

Who is Dee?

I became a Kinesiologist and Coach to help YOU make changes, to improve YOUR life. I can help you see the patterns you have created that no longer serve you. I dive in deep with you so you have a greater understanding of your limiting beliefs and what holds you back from achieving your goals.

We will work together to clear emotions so you gain awareness with what these emotions have taught you. You can then take the learning into your life as it is today. You will feel free and see a real difference in your life, with how you respond in difficult situations. You will no longer be a prisoner to your past. I will help you see the triggers in your life are here to assist you in becoming a top-class version of your- self and also to become neutral to them, to release the hold they have on you. My promise to you is to support you completely in your transformation.



I’d just like to express my gratitude and joy to Dee, and how much I’ve gotten out of this journey. The personal growth I’ve attained in the 12 weeks is more than the past 5 years combined. Your approach is insightful yet appealingly simplistic, and your willingness to share your knowledge and compassion to assist others is priceless! I highly recommend Dee to anyone considering kinesiology, and with an open mind and willingness to overcome perceived issues, you won’t be disappointed! Thanks Dee for everything!

Sue from Strathmore

I would definitely recommend Dee, she has helped me to let go of limiting beliefs. My time with Dee was way more than I expected and I want to keep seeing her. We have created a very strong bond of trust and I feel incredibly supported by her. I have been able to decrease my bloating, I am more present with my loved ones and I feel so much happier. I can remain calm when under stress now which is huge for me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Dee!

Kim from Airport West

I am so much happier after seeing Dee. I have learnt so much about myself. I do not have any guilt now when I eat something that is less than great for me. I can stand in my power and just enjoy. Something I have never been able to do my whole life. I am able to move with joy now and I feel more peaceful. I am now able to let go of beating myself up for past mistakes and just be happy with where I am at now. Dee taught me self-love and acceptance. I will continue to see Dee on a monthly basis. You are a hidden gem Dee. Thank you!

Simone from Essendon

I am really happy now, thanks to Dee.
I am able to care for myself and show myself more compassion. I understand why I made some of the choices I did. I have been able to let go of past family hurts with love and compassion for those that have hurt me. I have more respect for myself now. Dee is kind compassionate and she shares about her life as well. This helped me to understand we all have a past and its ok to be ok with it. My back pain has gone since seeing Dee!!! I have also been able to let go of hanging on to any “failures” in my life. Dee helped me to use these experiences as learning and wisdom rather than guilt and shame. I cannot put a price on what Dee has taught me. I finally feel like I am open and ready for the next stage of my life, confidently and peacefully. The big surprise for me is to realise my extra weight is not about food. It is about hanging onto past hurts. I will keep seeing Dee as she has taught me so much! Thanks for everything Dee!

Bernadette from Moonee Ponds