Mindset Coaching

A Dee Phillips Coaching Program is created individually for your needs.

I ask you to complete a very comprehensive enrolment form and this gives me a snapshot of your life and your unconscious core beliefs, those little nasty beliefs that stop you in your tracks and you don’t know why…

Coaching is suitable for anyone who is going along fairly well in life, however they feel that they have not achieved everything they would have envisioned for them-selves at this stage.

Part of  coaching programs is to really, really listen to what the client is saying. Hidden among the clients language and their use of words is where the gold sits.

You will gain greater understanding of how you see events in your life and how you have created patterns that may have served you at the time of creation but are now holding you back from achieving your goals.

You’ll find that taking the time for yourself to enhance the magic that you deserve is empowering!

These sessions are via the Zoom platform, they are easy to attend as you will be in the comfort of your own home.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Book a free 30- minute chat to see if this feels good and right for you!

Book a Planning session now, message Dee on 0408 057 573 or email Dee at dee@deephillipskinesiology.com.au

Program one is Timeline Therapy. This looks at the 5 major emotions when you first experienced them and take the learning from these events in your past into the future. You will never experience the emotion in the same way, timeline work is very liberating.  I’v got you through this process, it is safe and effective.

Program two is 8 weeks and includes Timeline Therapy as well as Goal setting and clearing Unconscious Core Beliefs.

Your Investment:

Program 1 Timeline Therapy 5 sessions $650.

Program 2 Mindset Coaching 8 sessions $1040.

Payment Plans or after pay is available

It was great seeing Dee every week for 8 weeks. She really listened to me and the wisdom and awareness I gained about myself has really helped me. I have had a promotion at work that I am super happy about. I am also planning an overseas trip which is a direct result from my work with Dee. I used to be so scared of flying and often thought about travel but I was always too frightened. It amazes me that I now have the ball rolling and am so excited to see New York and San Francisco! Go me!!!”