I became a Kinesiologist and Coach to help YOU make changes, to improve YOUR life. I can help you see the patterns you have created that no longer serve you. I dive in deep with you so you have a greater understanding of your limiting beliefs and what holds you back from achieving your goals.

We will work together to clear emotions so you gain awareness with what these emotions have taught you. You can then take the learning into your life as it is today. You will feel free and see a real difference in your life, with how you respond in difficult situations. You will no longer be a prisoner to your past. I will help you see the triggers in your life are here to assist you in becoming a top-class version of your- self and also to become neutral to them, to release the hold they have on you. My promise to you is to support you completely in your transformation.

It is possible to create the life you want.

What was right for us a week ago or even yesterday can change as we are always evolving. I love this about life. Yet seeing those moments when we need to change or let go can be difficult when you’re in the middle of them. The ability to look within is not always easy, and the underlying cause can be unclear.

At the surface, you may have physical symptoms or eating patterns that you would like to change. Underneath there lies a second level of health, which you might call the soul or body wisdom. We tap into that together.

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How Kinesiology Changed Me

I have been looking the meaning of life for as long as I can remember. I had very low self-esteem and low confidence in my teens, I looked for answers in all the wrong places.

Sound familiar?

I felt like I always had weight issues and I could never stick to a diet. I was actually really crappy at dieting. And then of course I would beat myself up with a range of feelings like:

  • *not feeling good enough
  • *feeling hopeless
  • *so much self-anger!

For most of my life I was so sensitive to other people’s words, I avoided conflict of any kind.

Before Kinesiology, I unconsciously chose to NOT use my voice.

My very first Kinesiology session gave me insight into my fertility issues and this had a life changing effect on me. I discovered that I had a range of suppressed emotions around this, from jealousy to regret and disappointment. I also discovered that I had a voice and I could use it. These feelings were totally unconscious and they seriously impacted how my life was.

Studying Health and Healing

That moment was so significant I decided to study Kinesiology and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) from then on, I began to heal and change.

Thanks to Kinesiology and my coaching experiences I have embraced who I am, warts and all. I can now consciously take time and use discernment on how I react and process conversations that once upon a time would have upset me.

After starting my Kinesiology practice, I noticed a lot of people coming to me for digestion and weight issues. This helped me to see I needed healing in these areas too.

It is so common for people, especially women to have low self- esteem to feel their bodies are ugly. To beat themselves up when a diet does not work. So, I decided to do the EPCC food coaching course and NLP to add to my Kinesiology.

I want to help you understand your emotions, to be able to sit with them and release them so they do not cause unwanted habits, symptoms, ill health or disease.

Thanks for reading my story!

With Love and Gratitude

Dee Phillips


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