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Who is Dee?

I am a woman who has healed her trauma and created a new story

I am woman who is generous

I am a woman who is committed to increasing her skills and knowledge

I am a woman who is passionate about health and wellbeing.

I am a woman who wants to provide the perfect sacred space for you to be real with yourself

I am a woman who will call bullshit when I hear it

I am a woman who wants to help Mum’s and Mum’s to be, to sort their shit out, so they can show up as the most amazing Mother to their kids.

I am a woman who is committed to helping you avoid rabbit holes so you can show up empowered and strong

I am a woman who will work with you so YOU get the outcome you want

Continued Study Feeds my Soul

Those moments in my life where I took notice of what was in front of me and followed my intuition have led me here today! I am so thankful those doors opened for me, otherwise I would still be the “Pay Lady”, working a job, not living a job and a way of being.

The benefits of the 3 modalities I offer have been life changing all in their very own unique ways. I now consciously take time and use discernment on how I react and process conversations that once upon a time would have upset me.

I want to help you clear your unconscious core beliefs.

Beliefs like – I’m not good enough, I don’t deserve to be loved. I deserve to be hurt etc etc….

Then I want to help you create positive core beliefs that are now in your conscious not sub-conscious.

I want to help you understand your emotions, so you can sit with them and then let them go, so they do not cause unwanted habits, symptoms, ill health or disease.

Thanks for checking my page out

So much Peace and Healing to you my friend, always



This year 2024 I am embarking on further study again! I am so excited to learn more, to help me with my work. Because of my study I require bookings via message or email now.

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How TRTP, Kinesiology & Coaching changed me

I had very low self-esteem and low confidence in my teens, I looked for answers in all the wrong places. I made some terrible decisions for myself. In my mid 20’s I decided enough was enough…..I had learnt a lot about life and I knew any change I wanted had to come from me.

Sound familiar? 

I used to beat myself up with a range of feelings and thoughts like:

:I am not good enough

:I am hopeless

:Why do I always stuff up, what is wrong with me

For most of my life I was so sensitive to other people’s words, I avoided conflict of any kind. 

Before TRTP I had nightmares at least 3 times a week for years.

 This was my unconscious imagining scenarios that were very bloody scary.


I didn’t know who I was….without the unconscious core beliefs and the patterns I had created to supposedly keep me safe. Patterns I created when I was very young, based on survival and other peoples lies and perceptions and my immature view of my world.

New neural pathways, new brain plasticity created with the wonderful TRTP protocol.

Doesn’t get much better than that.

Before Kinesiology, I unconsciously chose to NOT use my voice.

My very first Kinesiology session gave me insight into my fertility issues and this had a life changing effect on me. I discovered that I had a range of suppressed emotions around this, from jealousy to regret and disappointment. I also discovered that I had a voice and I could use it. These feelings were totally unconscious, however, they seriously impacted how my life was.

Before Coaching my business was steady but not amazing

Coaching helped me to get clear on what I wanted and what was holding me back. I choose my words wisely now, when talking to other’s and when talking to ME, my-self talk.

I have created a thriving business where I am being of service for my clients and where I feel fulfilled and I am living my purpose.