What I have learned through my own weight loss journey is that I am allowed to change my mind about myself. I began to understand that what was right for me yesterday or last week may not work today. As human beings, we are always evolving and changing. It is important that we allow ourselves to change. I can help you identify where change would be helpful to reach your goals.

Recognizing that you need to change can be challenging, especially when you are still actively participating in bad habits. However, do not despair, you too can create an incredible life. I am living proof of this. I have created my life, and I believe everything happens in perfect order. I practice Kinesiology in alignment with my love of helping children, adults, and families to tap into their well-being and grow and evolve.

What I’ve discovered is that the blocks that really keep people from being well in mind and body are often linked to something unconscious. You don’t know what is holding you back, so maybe you feel that you’re getting old, or that the injury you have is something you have to put up with. However, the body is designed to heal itself. Through Kinesiology, we can tap back into the source of your energy, find out why your body is stuck and unblock those pathways to begin to heal.

The result is a healthy inner relationship between mind, body, and soul. You begin to know at a soul level what you need and what you are about.

Are you wondering what your soul has to do with you losing weight?

Well, the answer may sound complicated, but it is actually really simple.

We’ve been inundated by negative messages about food, weight, and diet. We’ve been told that we are weak or that we lack self-control when we express our challenges with traditional weight loss methods.

To make matters worse we receive a lot of contradictory advice from nutrition experts which leaves people confused. Food coaching with Kinesiology helps you get in alignment. When your mind body and soul is in flow you approach your weight loss journey differently. You come into the knowledge that your body is always communicating with you. You can begin to then love hearing the messages and taking the action that your body wants, instead of the disconnection of following a diet plan regardless of how it makes you feel.

Understanding why you are carrying weight and letting go of your subconscious issues is the difference that you may have been looking for. This allows you to redefine your relationship with food.

This may be the first step to living in the body you have always wanted.

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