Self-love is the first true source of love. When we don’t love ourselves, we cannot truly love others. Loving ourselves with the same affection and dedication that we show those around us.

Be gentle with yourself.

With self-love in mind, we can begin to love that which is the self, including our bodies. Our bodies are always communicating with us.

Everything that happens in your body is a message from your body. Constipation, for example, is the symptom of hanging onto issues. A sore throat might be telling you that you need to speak up about something and have a voice. Sore eyes may reflect that you’re unwilling to see something … there are any number of signals that your body gives you when you learn to listen.

When you take the time to listen to the wisdom your body is telling you and make the changes needed, you will feel a great sense of release. This is where Kinesiology comes in.

Kinesiology uses the principles of Chinese medicine to assess energy and body function. You can learn where your energy is not flowing, through muscle testing. Once we know where your body needs help, I apply a range of gentle yet powerful healing techniques to improve health, wellbeing, life energy and vitality.

Kinesiology offers you a direct line to body wisdom.

Even when you don’t consciously know what your body is trying to say, connecting with your body in self-love will uncover the layers of beliefs or experiences that have become trapped as symptoms in your body and then dissolve them.

Once you understand and appreciate that everything is connected, it is easier to understand that we create patterns in our lives. Our sub-conscious does not know the difference between a positive or negative emotion, yet the emotion can play out as a symptom in the body.

When we do not deal with our emotions, we often get into repeating patterns through different situations that give us the same feeling. We can also develop chronic physical symptoms as the result of not dealing with the lessons our body is sharing.

With a little self-love and some expert attention, your body will show you the way, and the great news is that Kinesiology can help you break those patterns for good!

Here’s a suggestion: Let’s begin today to love everything about ourselves!

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