What do you want for your life?

It is easy to start listing things such as money, love or the perfect body when asked this question. We often look for what we don’t have or what we think we can’t have as the things that will make us happy.

The truth is that true happiness comes from self-love and gratitude. Being present and grateful for the life you have and celebrating yourself and your experiences are empowering practices that will transform your life experience.

That’s easy to say, you might think; but how do I do it?

Look for the Gift in Every Situation

Although you might not realise it, there are lessons and gifts in every situation.

There’s a saying: ‘feather, brick, truck’. The analogy is of someone experiencing something three times to learn the lesson. For example, not being careful on the stairs might result in three results. Firstly, slipping on a step, then missing a step, then falling downstairs. If you paid attention to the stairs after slipping, you may not have fallen. Because you didn’t pay attention, you slipped, then fell.

Learning a lesson can be very powerful and the key is to reflect without judgement, so that you can empower yourself to grow.

The Power of Observing Your Thoughts

One way to tap into the gift of a situation that you aren’t exactly thrilled about is to observe your thoughts. Take the time to pause and reflect without judgement when something that you don’t want happens and you’ll see the power in the learning.

Knowing how your thoughts relate to what worked and what didn’t, being present to self talk that is unhelpful and learning how to nurture yourself in every situation are powerful insights that brings you into the present.

Sometimes you may not be aware of why you have negative thoughts or feel that you have too many lessons and not enough to be grateful for. I use Kinesiology and Soul Food coaching to help my clients tap into their own body wisdom so that they understand the underlying reasons for their life experience. You can learn to be grounded, present and grateful for the life you have in order to create the lives you desire, when you know clearly what’s holding you back.

Thoughts Are Energy

It is important to protect your energy. When we are focusing on something that has a negative outcome, we are depleting ourselves and often giving off negative energy. For example, if you are constantly criticising or judging other people then you don’t have a lot of time to feel great about yourself or your life.

Take time to observe your thoughts and ask yourself: Are my thoughts adding or decreasing my energy?

During our sessions, we develop trust and I ask my clients to get out of their heads and speak from the heart. The most powerful transformations become possible when we tap into what you are really thinking and feeling. Speaking your truth allows you to thoroughly experience a situation, good or bad. By feeling the pain anger and sadness and understanding what these feelings mean to you and why they stress you, you will improve your connection to self. While it may seem uncomfortable, through understanding the lesson, you let go and then your health and energy will rise.

Kinesiology is the science of energy balancing. It is grounded in the study of anatomy and physiology and combines the wisdom of both eastern and western traditions. It helps you to connect what is going on in your body with your life experience, so that you can learn yourself.

The key to living the life you desire is being in alignment with your mind, body, and spirit. Connection to self allows you to truly know what you want. Let me help you unlock your potential!

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